Wentworth Golf Club Data Breach!

on 19 Jan 2021 | by Jemma Lomax

Exclusive golf club suffers data breach due to third party attack. Entire database stolen.

Included in the data breach was personal information on the club's over 4,000 members.

This personal information included names, gender, home address, email address, landline telephone number and date of birth.

A statement released after the data breach advised, ‘I fully appreciate this will be concerning for you but we have taken third party specialist advice and have been assured there is not enough personal information in the file to enable improper access to your private account and therefore it is considered a low risk.’

Confirmation that the club’s ClubHouse Online system was accessed and a data file exported was by its IT provider and all members have been informed.

Have you been affected? 

You could be owed thousands in compensation!

Simply, click the link, upload the company email and let us do the hard work.

Sounds quick and easy right? That’s because it is!

23/10/2021 05:13:03