Network Rail Data Breach

on 27 Mar 2020 | by Doug

NR’ operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure. They manage and maintain over 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts plus thousands of signals, level crossings and stations. They also manage 20 of the UK’s largest stations. C3UK are a Wi-Fi service provider for Network Rail.

The email addresses and the travel details of about 10,000 people who used the free Wi-Fi at NR’s stations have been exposed online. The data base that was found online by a security researcher, contained 146 million records, including personal contact details and dates of birth, this was also not password protected and could be accessed easily by someone of the public. C3UK told the BBC “Given the database did not contain any passwords or other critical data such as financial information, this was identified as a low-risk potential vulnerability." C3UK have said that they have not informed the ICO as they do not believe that any data had been stolen or accessed by any other party. The ICO had confirmed this to the BBC and said “When a data incident occurs, we would expect an organisation to consider whether it is appropriate to contact the people affected and to consider whether there are steps that can be taken to protect them from any potential adverse effects,"

NR have now responded to the BBC and said that they are now going to report the incident to the ICO via their own data protection team and they will explain their position to them. Initially NR had actually advised C3UK to report the vulnerability to the ICO. One of the stations who use C3UK have now said that they will no longer be using C3UK to provide the Wi-Fi for their station. NR who manages London Bridge station said “We have been assured by our supplier that this was a low-risk issue and the integrity of people's information remains fully secure."

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