LOQBOX Data Breach

on 02 Mar 2020 | by Doug

LOQBOX informed customers by email… ‘Based on the findings of our investigation, which is still on going, it is extremely likely some customers personal information has been compromised by the attackers’ …to see if you are eligible for compensation click the button below

No-one likes the idea of their personal data going missing or ending up in the wrong hands. When breached data includes your card details, there’s the additional worry that it will be used for fraud, or that credit will be taken out in your name. LOQBOX is a service that helps customers build their credit score by operating a digital ‘piggy bank’ with regular payments to increase a consumer’s credit score. This helps them access more attractive rates on credit cards, mobile phone plans, etc. Last month, LOQBOX was the victim of a cyber-attack and some of their customer’s personal information, including their names, date of birth and card details may have been compromised. If you are concerned call us now by pressing the button below

The company is investigating the matter and working with cyber-security experts to determine how many of its customers are at risk. Many customers received an email from LOQBOX, apologising for the breach and recommending a list of precautions that customers should take to protect their financial information, such as cancelling cards and checking their credit reports. If you have this email, answer 4 questions on the form by clicking the button below

Data protection rules mean companies need to keep your personal information safe. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals and their techniques are getting smarter and occasionally a company’s security systems just aren’t strong enough to hold off an attack. Fraudsters do not need a lot of personal information to scam customers – the information lost in the cyber-attack on LOQBOX is enough for a criminal to run phishing scams, where they pose as a legitimate business to have people provide other sensitive, personal information like usernames and passwords. If you’re a customer with LOQBOX and you’re concerned that your data has been stolen in the cyber-attack, click the button below now.

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