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Frequently asked questions

Who are Pure Legal?

Pure Legal work with a team of legal experts, who are dealing with thousands of claims like yours. Your claim will be assessed by one of our experts and if you qualify, you will then be passed to a panel of solicitors who will dedicate someone to your claim, so you always have someone to contact.

How much compensation might I receive?

Compensation for data breach claims may vary. We will assess your claim based on criteria such as:-

  • How much of your data was shared?
  • Where was the data shared?
    • Was it made public on a website?
    • Was it a printed publication?
  • How did you become aware of the breach?
  • Was the breach a single event? Has there been recurring multiple breaches?
  • Did the organisation make any efforts to retrieve or delete your data once it had been breached?
  • What consequential impact did the breach have on your health, lifestyle, work and relationships?

Who would I bring a claim against?

You can bring a claim against any organisation if they have breached your personal data. Some examples include employers, medical practices and government bodies.

What evidence do I need to claim?

You are able to ask the Information Commissioner's Office to assess whether an organisation is guilty of a breach if this is suspected.

Most organisations have policies and procedures in place to advise you when your data has been breached.

If you think your data has been breached please contact Claim Your Data Breach for a no obligation initial consultation.

How long do I have to bring a claim?

You have six years from the date the breach occurred to bring a claim against the organisation.

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