Can I claim compensation from Ticketmaster?

on 13 Nov 2020 | by Simon Chadwick

If you used Ticketmaster between February and 23 June 2018, you may be entitled to compensation for a data breach.

The online ticket retailer has been fined £1.25 million for failing to protect banking details of an estimated 1.5 million UK customers. Despite warnings from several banks that there was a huge spike in fraud related to their site, Ticketmaster did not respond quickly enough and left people at risk, the ruling today said.

How do I know if I’m in the breach?

In 2018, Ticketmaster emailed everyone who was affected when the breach was discovered. You should have received this email if you were among them. It may still be in your inbox, and a simple search should locate it.

It is possible that the email went to your junk, or that you otherwise deleted it. If you suspect you may have been involved but can’t see an email, you can contact Ticketmaster directly and they should be able to tell you whether your information was compromised.

If you have evidence that you were affected by this breach, you could be entitled to compensation. See if you have a claim now by using the automated process below.

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