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Your personal data is valuable and organisations are required to carefully manage it. Both private companies and public bodies both acquire and manage a huge amount of personal and sensitive data each day. Although these institutions are compelled to use and store your data correctly and legally, human error, the rise of cybercrime and outdated processes can lead to your data being breached.

The rules governing the protection of your data, state that you can claim compensation from a company or public body in circumstances where they have:-

  • Stored inaccurate and out-of-date information
  • Held your data longer than necessary
  • Made your confidential information or data public
  • Failed to adequately protect your information or data from hackers
  • Used your information or data outside of its stated purpose
  • Disclosed your information or data without consent
  • Disclosed your information or data with consent but to the incorrect party

If you think that your data has been breached then you may have a claim for damages you have suffered as a result of the infringement.

So, you’ve been in a data breach. It happens to the best of us. We know it’s not fun to be worrying about what some scammer might do with your details, which is why it’s so infuriating to hear that a company has lost your personal data. But what do you do? How do you fight back?

We understand the frustration you’re probably feeling. If you’re here because you’ve been in a data breach, we can help you. Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Our expert team is on hand right now to help you. Make your claim today, and you could soon be on your way to payday!

  • It’s no win, no fee – we don’t get paid until you get paid.
  • Our average settlement is around £3,000, but some claims are worth much more.
  • We aim to settle your case in 2-3 months.
  • You’ll just need an email confirming you’ve been in a breach to make a claim.
  • We’re helping people like you right now claim compensation for data breaches.
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What Is A Data Breach

If you think that your data has been breached then you may have a claim for damages you have suffered as a result of the infringement.

Can you claim compensation for your data breach?

If you’ve been notified of a data breach, you may be entitled to compensation. Our expert team of experienced solicitors is on hand to help you claim the compensation you deserve. If your personal information was lost, you could be owed thousands. We have the experience and the dedication you’re looking for, and we’ll fight to get you the best deal.

We take a modern and streamlined approach to civil litigation, so you get all the benefit of professional legal service without the complexity or burdensome cost. You just tell us what’s happened, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can check your eligibility now by clicking the button below. It’s free, takes about one minute, and there is no obligation to make a claim even if you are entitled (although we think you’ll probably want to!)

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Want to talk to a person?

Everybody likes the human touch, so if you’d prefer to speak to one of our specialist claim handlers, you can do so by clicking here (if you’re on a phone), or dialling 0151 319 6012. We’ll give you a jargon-free breakdown of what you’re eligible for and help you submit your claim. Don’t delay – give us a call today!

Frequently asked questions

Who are Pure Legal?

Pure Legal is a leading civil litigation firm that specialises in helping people claim compensation. Our team of expert solicitors is on hand to provide you with the service that you deserve, so you’ll get the best outcome for you. We’re here for you, whenever you need us.

How much compensation might I receive?

This will vary depending on the nature of the breach you were in. Factors such as what data was shared, how and where it was shared, and the overall impact it could have had on you. Our average claim is worth £3,000, but we have settled claims for over £9,000. The amount you are awarded in compensation could be more, or less, depending on your circumstances.

Who can I claim against?

You can claim compensation from any organisation which breaches your data. This can be companies you have bought something from, organisations you have supplied data to, former or current employers, government departments – really, anywhere that holds personal data on you.

What Is Involved In A Data Breach

What evidence do I need to make a claim?

Ideally, you’ll have an email (or other form of written evidence) from the organisation in question confirming the breach. You can also request information from the organisation if you see they have reported a breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office and suspect you may have been affected. Organisations are required by law to inform you of a data breach, so for the most part you will be contacted if you have been in a breach.

How long after a breach can I make a claim?

You have six years from the point you were first informed that your information was breached.

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